December 15, 2016

Treatment Liaison

Assessing the client and family needs for the right course of care is very important. There are so many variables. For instance, what time of year is it? Do we need to meet school requirements along the course of treatment? Is detox required? How resistant to treatment is your loved one? – that may effect the length of stay in primary treatment – it may not, but it may. Is extended care an option? Is getting out of the area the best chance to avoid potential flight or relapse? How willing and available are you to participate in family program – is it needed and/or the pressing need right now? Your ideas about this are important and you also might be “too close to the project” to see the big picture. In addition, coordinating the right places with the right timing, with smooth transitions takes a liaison which will allow you to be present to stay involved to participate and support your loved one.